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For Project Titles,

Projects play a prominent role in one's professional career. More the creativity in your idea, more is the chance to grab attention of the interviewer. The active role you play and your involvement in executing the project also plays a key role and it doesn't ever depend on whether you are the project leader or just member of a team. The only team member who can confidently showcase his/ her work is the one who actively participate right from problem statement to simulation/ prototyping. 

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How do we support you?

  • With a strong team of highly qualified and experienced mentors, we are here to extend our support to the students at its fullest. We guide you through the following:

  • Choosing a right problem statement

  • Identifying the right technology that can address the problem chosen.

  • Understanding the insights of the technology chosen and tools to be used.

  • Developing the proposed system with features that are need of the day.

  • Building a prototype for the proposed system and also guide you through the documentation process.

  • Last but not least, we'll also guide you through your final project panel.


  • Prototype model for hardware projects (included in the project cost)

  • Detailed explanation and one-to-one support regarding the implementation (included in the project cost)

  • Support for review presentations (included in the project cost)

  • Final Documentation for the project (Value Added Service)

  • Support for Paper publication (Value Added Service)

  • Hard bound printed hard copies of Final Documentation (Value Added Service)

Value Added Services

  • Final Documentation for the project 

  • Support for Paper publication 

  • Hard bound printed hard copies of Final Documentation 

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